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At Camp Gan Israel Danville we provide a fun hands-on Jewish camp experience to children from diverse Jewish backgrounds.

We marvel at the opportunity to make kids smile.

We are passionate about providing safe, quality programming and we continue to innovate and lead with more passion, creativity and care.

As parents, we understand the need to provide a nurturing environment where children gain confidence while learning to work together and respect each other.

We provide a window into a joyful, positive and relevant Jewish experience which every Jewish child can appreciate.

Our positive, optimistic role models provide an environment of laughter and enjoyment.


Nurturing Staff, Jewish Experience, The "Get-it-all" Camp


You will not find staff like ours anywhere else!
We carefully handpick our team from applicants around the world who wish to devote their summer to making a difference.  They are energetic, fun-loving, attentive and guaranteed to keep your kids engaged and stimulated every day. 
Prior to camp, our staff goes through rigorous training. This ensures that the safety and social & emotional well-being of every camper are always the priority. The strong bonds and friendships often continue long after the camp season is over.


Campers explore the beauty and excitement of Judaism in a joyful and inclusive environment. They gain understanding of Jewish life, values and traditions through fun hands-on activities.


Camp Gan Israel Danville is like dozens of specialty camps all rolled into one; sports, art, swimming, science, drama, baking, creative arts, trips and more. You name it, we’ve got it! 
Our wide variety of activities allows campers to shine and discover new interests.
Convenient location at Sycamore Valley Elementary School in Danville.