Tour the luxurious, newly renovated Berkeley Mikvah and enjoy a discussion about this timeless and most central mitzvah.

CHANGE OF DATE: Monday, September 17  |  10:30 AM

at the Berkeley Mikvah, 2520 Warring St. (behind the front house, down the walkway and to the right of the house).

A car will be leaving from Danville at 10AM for anyone that would like a ride.  

RSVP to mushky@jewishdanville.com No charge 



Mikvas Chana Leah is named after a woman of valor who, after surviving the holocaust, championed the mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha (Mikvah observance) together with her husband Moshe.  Her children and grandchildren have lovingly dedicated the Mikvah in Berkeley to her legacy. May her memory be for a blessing and may her devotion and self-sacrifice for the mitzvah of mikvah serve as a blessing for all those who merit to benefit from Mikvas Chana Leah.